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To: Solopreneurs & Sole Proprietors

From: Donna Caissie, aka the ExtraOrdinary Assistant

Is working for yourself everything you thought it would be, or do you find yourself frequently overwhelmed by all the work being your own boss entails? Does your to-do list keep growing while your available time seems to get shorter and shorter? Are you finding it difficult to grow your business because you’re buried in administrative work?

How do successful solopreneurs get past all that never-ending work and focus on growing their businesses? They let go. That’s right, they delegate (let go) the administrative work and in its place they concentrate on growing their business.

Delegating isn’t just for the wealthy. Solopreneurs from plumbers to business coaches delegate their administrative work. Usually, it starts with bookkeeping, but within a brief period of time, many solopreneurs find themselves delegating keeping up with email and voicemail, Internet research, purchasing office supplies and equipment, social media management, reputation management, marketing implementation, shipping and mailing, order fulfillment, calendar management, etc.

Are you ready to let go and instead focus on the important things in your business; the things that you, as CEO, should be doing? If so, let’s talk! Set up time for a FREE consultation and explore how ExtraOrdinary Assistance can help you find entrepreneurial freedom. The consultation is FREE and you’re under no obligation whatsoever.